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About us

The company was established in the late 1930’s by G K Beaulah who recognised the need for finely produced heraldic shields and crests and coats of arms.

The depiction of a crest or a coat of arms is an exact science. Poorly produced crests lacking detail and ill-defined imagery, over time, become open to mis-interpretation. What started out as a depiction of a creature is reduced to being no more than a ‘blob’.

To address this kind of problem GK Beaulah had purpose built premises constructed and employed the finest craftsmen and painters to create crests as they were intended to be viewed. State of the art machinery now complements our craftsmen’s skills but to this day that work ethic remains at the root of everything G K Beaulah manufactures.

Registered in England No. 3850298. VAT.REG.GB 766 952 873
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