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GK Beaulah specialises in reproducing corporate logos and insignia in two or three dimensions.

Since 1932 our company has been a leading manufacturer of handmade and hand painted promotional gift-ware for special anniversaries and events. Smaller corporate gifts, which include bespoke paperweights, clocks, tiles, mugs or plates can be supplied in any quantity. We are flexible and able to produce bespoke and original gifts for hospitality, commemorative awards, special occasions or simply to say ‘thank you’. If you are lost for ideas or require original corporate gifts we welcome your enquiry.

We can either flat paint your design together with the company name with the design or we can create your details in three-dimensional relief. The range includes paperweights, bookends, drink coasters, clocks and small wall plaques and can be used to present to clients or employees to commemorate a special event.



Registered in England No. 3850298. VAT.REG.GB 766 952 873
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