Family Coat of Arms

Our hand-painted family coat of arms shields come in a range of sizes from 7×6” to 22×18” and can display both the surname and the granted motto.

We can also supply double shields and parchments which are excellent wedding gifts.

These can be flat hand-painted according to artwork, hand-painted to our low relief pressing or high relief resin template or for large quantities we would be able to screen-print them.

We also produce special Scottish Clan shields which use real tartan or this can be laser-printed if this isn’t in stock.

If you have had your coat of arms before please send us the artwork for us to recreate or if you haven’t had a coat of arms before we would be able to research this for you in our family records.

We have also launched a special line of custom made hand painted cut out high relief family coat of arms resins with special sizes, shapes and shades available.
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