New Designs

We employ various methods of manufacture that ensure attention to detail but take into account the most economical way of achieving the desired result – The methods used could be flat painting, low relief pressing embossed, high relief resins, screen-printing or laser printing.

The photographs demonstrate the different methods and techniques employed and the finished result.

  • For quantities of between 1 and 9 shields we flat hand paint them.
  • For quantities of 10 and above shields are embossed hand painted.
  • For 3D cut out designs shields are manufactured in moulded high relief resin and hand painted.
  • If cost is a factor we can screen print or laser print quantities of 25 or more.
  • High quality images can be laser-printed.
  • Sketches for new designs can be created for orders of 10+
  • Hand-lettering/painting/screen-printing can also be produced straight onto our specially shaped wooden bases.